Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom would say ... #1 You're big enough for this, my dear!

Ever looked at the day ahead and thought it would kill you?
  • The wedding is a few months away and the details are overwhelming.
  • OR marriage isn't what we expected - or we've become single parents.
  • The calendar is so full we think we'll never make it to nightfall.
  • OR it's so empty that we may die of loneliness.
  • The kids are screaming and tearing the house apart.
  • OR we wish there were little feet running around, but the house is quiet.
  • Our job is stressing us out and our boss is downright mean.
  • OR we wish we could find a job to make ends meet.

My dad is 80. My mom is in her late 70s. They've been married 60 years. Both of them told (and showed) my three brothers and me that they believed in us. They KNEW we were big enough for any challenge life would throw our way. Each sibling grew up willing to risk and fail in order to thrive and succeed.

How do you encourage your family? Guard their dreams? Boost them toward their full potential?

Who does that for you?

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