Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mom would say ... #4 What's really important?

When we're making decisions as singles, our actions affect those around us. As parents, everything we do affects our kids.

W and I finally stopped fighting about trivia when we started thinking about what would matter in the future. Did the toothpaste squeeze have significance in 5 years? (nope) Would the choice of school make a difference for the children? (probably) Did where we went on vacation or the way we made tea matter in 20 years? (hardly) Would we regret not having hired the French tutor as babysitter? (yes) Did it matter if W liked his job? (oh, yeah)

Most often, the little decisions served to boost our ability to compromise that day. (Happier household.) They had little impact on what we valued.

Mom says: You can let go of a lot of tension by thinking about what matters in the long run. What's really important in shaping the person you are becoming .... and the character of your kids.

What have you focused on to build solid relationships? What have you let slide because it wasn't important?

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