Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom would say ... #2 Is that you, dear?

I like to call my mom on the phone. She's our family connector. She tells me what my brothers are up to, what her friends are doing, and what's important to her.

She also reminds me who I am. Our conversations remind me of:
  • Values instilled in our family. What's important to us?
  • Traditions that are important or that can be left behind.
  • Things I was good at as a child - past skills that may kick me in the pants to try something today.
  • Things I never liked - flaws, weaknesses, or just plain "NOT ME!" stuff that keeps me out of harm's way.
  • What I said I'd like to do but haven't tried yet.
What about your mom or older friends reminds you who you are? Who you could be?

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